Online High School Courses

Online High School Courses should be interesting and interactive. To learn more about online high school courses, use this article which describes each course type.

Popular Courses include English, Math, History, Science, Music, Computers, Technology and much more.


English online high school courses are available in the areas of Composition, Grammar, Literature, Creative Writing, Screenwriting, Journalism, and Debate.

English Composition

Online high school courses in English Composition will show you how to structure formal and informal essays to address different audiences.

English Grammar

This class details the rules, uses, and structure of grammar. This course will teach the ways that grammar helps you communicate more effectively, sound more professional, and impress others.


Online high school courses in English Literature will teach you writing as an art form and examine a variety of written works ranging from Frankenstein to the poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Creative Writing

Create your own works of literary art in Creative Writing online high school courses. Areas include works of poetry, short stories and novels.


Learn the structure of various on-screen projects and how to share ideas and stories through the media of television and movies.


This course will combine English writing skills, interviewing techniques, and a thirst for news. Discover how to develop stories, get answers, and package it all together guaranteeing it to get attention.


Learning the rules for debate, how to prepare your argument, and how to engage another person in such an activity with online high school courses is fun and exciting.


Whether your future is in math-heavy careers such as engineering, architecture or research, or you are just interested in basic math skills there are online high school courses right for you.

Algebra I

Online high school courses in Algebra I examine the relationships of numbers to each other and how to manipulate them to find useful, purposeful information and answers.


In online high school courses in Geometry you will study various shapes and their intricacies., and learn how to use small amounts of information to get data on size, relation, and shape of different objects;


Online high school courses in Calculus are great college prep. Learn complex mathematical functions such as derivatives, functions, infinite series, limits and integrals.

Probability & Statistics

Probability & Statistics will show you how to calculate chance, interpret numerical results, numerical results, dispersion patterns, and likelihood of events based on existing data.


Online high school courses in science expand your educational experience through virtual labs, video lectures, and more.


Emerging technology in online high school courses allows for dissection, inspection, and other detail through virtual labs and computer programs.


Online high school courses in chemistry labs allow for the same level of discovery of combinations of chemicals as a traditional in-person laboratory. Physics

Through online high school courses in Physics, you will learn about movement and the relation of different objects to each other. An excellent area of study for those looking toward a career in science.

Earth Science

Learn to understand the development and nature of the earth itself through online high school courses in Earth Science.

Environmental Science

Through online high school courses in Environmental Science you will learn about the historical role Environmental Science has played in U.S. development and how the role it will play in the future of in the U.S. economy.


Learn about the objects in the night sky through online high school courses in Astronomy. Learn what new technology and new discoveries will mean for our way of life here on planet earth.

Social Studies

Online high school courses in social studies provide more opportunity for you to engage in and explore the specific interests you have in American History, American Government, World History and World Geography.

U.S. History

United States history can be studied several different online high school courses detailing history from colonial times to modern day America. U.S. History is rich with information and wisdom that can be applied to current and future issues.

American Government

Learn how politics and government interact in these online high school courses. Emphasizes the founding documents for our government as well as political parties and methods used today.

Social Sciences

Various online high school courses are available in the social sciences. Psychology, sociology, anthropology and more can help demonstrate the science of understanding individual and group behavior throughout history.


Online high school courses in computers offer significant assistance in current and future professional opportunities. Online high school courses are offered to help understand computers better.

Computer Literacy

Online high school courses in Computer Literacy teach basic and central information regarding common functions of computers.


Take online high school courses in Computer Programming whether novice or expert. With more and more of our everyday items being determined using computer programming, this skill will benefit any student in their professional career.

Computer Science

General computer science courses help students to understand a wide variety of programs found on their personal or office computers. Detailed computer science classes may include intricate information on individual software and hardware.

Fitness and Health

Learn about health, nutrition, and exercise through various Fitness and Health online high school courses. Studies on physical health, sexual health, mental health and more ensure career opportunities in this field.

Health Education

General Health Education courses provide a solid basis for individuals looking to further or begin a career in the health industry. Nutrition, diet, effects of drugs and alcohol, and more will be available through several online high school courses.

Physical Education

Try taking an online class in Physical Education; a career in kinesiology will be a natural fit for someone who enjoys online high school courses in this subject.


Customized your learning experience through online high school courses.

Foreign Language

Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, and more are all available as options to study through online high school courses.

Fine Arts

Sound files, interactive workbooks, streaming video, and more make studying Fine Arts an option through online high school courses. Music, film, and art are excellent potential fields of study.