Online High School

Online High School is a great way to learn and earn a high school diploma.

Going to high school online is a great way to earn a high school diploma and take a positive step for your education. The information below will help you understand what you can accomplish when attending online schooling for high school.

About Online High School

Distance learning has become the wave of the future, and attending an online high school is no exception. Many parents are finding online high school to provide the security that public schools no longer provide. Public schools are no longer a secure place for children to attend school. Many school districts are seeing extensive budget cuts. These cuts are eliminating much-needed teachers and funding for supplies. Students do not have to worry about social tendencies like clothing or gossip. Online high school allows students to achieve their high school diploma in the comfort and security of their home. Limiting the distractions kids must deal with in a regular setting allows the time to concentrate on their schoolwork. In fact, online high school education has become a very popular way to achieve a diploma. With one out of every three students dropping out of school annually, online schooling for high school is a way to reduce those numbers.

What Is Online High School?

Online high school is a way for students to obtain their degree without having to set foot on a campus. Kids who have physical, mental or behavioral issues are finding this to be a viable way to receive their diploma. For students with handicaps, attending a regular high school is not always easy. In addition, kids that are gifted and want to advance faster find it difficult to achieve in a campus setting. However, doing their work at an online high school means they can move as quickly as they like. An online high school is completed by using a computer, the Internet and the school website. Students use their computers and the Internet to log into a secure website for the online high school. Once they log in, the school website will have different areas for them to accomplish their work. An online high school often uses forums within each class to communicate with the other students and the instructor. Their school assignments are in digital form for easy use and the ability to download or print the materials. When the assignments are completed, students upload their classwork to the online high school website. The instructor will read and grade their work using the standard system at a campus high school. As you can see, an online high school will offer students every advantage of a campus high school without all the distractions and disadvantages.

How To Apply To An Online High School

The first element in applying to an online high school is to research the distant learning schools in your state. While you can attend any online high school in the nation, most people prefer to use the ones in their state. Another decision is whether to attend a private or public online high school. Private online schools work the same as a regular private school. The funding is private, tuition is higher, they have their own learning philosophies and they create their own regulations. A public online high school is also the same as a regular public school. The government funds the school, they must follow national and state regulations and tuition is low or free. In fact, in some states, charter schools are free and many offer the software and hardware for a discount. Any books or other materials the students may need are free. After the parents have completed their research, they can apply in three different ways: by phone, Internet or in person if the school offers a campus location. The initial online high school application only requires some basic information, after which an admittance counselor will contact the parents to complete the application. If they attended a campus high school, their transcripts may be needed. However, if this is their first time attending high school, then admittance testing is generally required. The testing is usually so the online high school can place the student in the appropriate classes. The entire application process is easy and only takes a day to complete. In most cases, the student can begin class at the next available start date.

What Is The Cost Of An Online High School?

The cost of attending an online high school will differ depending on the type of school. A private online high school will be rather expensive as there are no public funds. The parents are responsible for the tuition, books, software, hardware and any other related costs. Therefore, the cost ranges from $1,200 to $16,000 for the entire diploma program. Researching the various schools will help if cost is an issue. The government, on a state or federal level, funds a public online high school. Because of this, there is no charge for tuition and some programs will pay for the computer, Internet fees and curriculum. A charter online high school is free to minors in a specific area. The materials needed for school are free, and many will lease the computer equipment to the family at a low cost. For students living outside the areas, there is a small tuition fee. With such a versatile price range, an online high school is available to all regardless of the family’s income.

The Requirements Of An Online High School

An online high school has a set amount of credits required to graduate. Most schools ensure the credit amounts are enough or more to prepare the student for college. An online high school may offer a general diploma track and a college preparatory track. The student will receive the same type of education as if they had attended a regular campus high school. An online high school would like the student to be under the age of 21 years old to attend; however, exceptions can be made for older students.

With so many options and benefits for attending an online high school, many parents are reconsidering campus-type schools. The security of their children has become a main priority and therefore pushes them to find a viable alternative. An online high school is that alternative.