Online High Schools

Online High Schools provide a great way to learn on the internet and help you advance with your career.

Learn about the available online high school options. Accredited online high school programs offer a combination of both affordability and flexibility, which is convenient for working professionals and full or part-time students. An online high school diploma qualifies you for higher paying career opportunities in your field of interest and brings you closer to achieving your career goals. Browse our directory of online high schools to find the courses that are right for you.

Online High Schools

Attending online high schools help many individuals to obtain their diploma. While local programs and community colleges offer high school diploma programs, many times an individual's time and work constraints do not allow them to attend traditional classes. For these individuals, online schooling for high school may permit obtaining a diploma without requiring significant changes to their personal and work obligations. A diploma from one of the many available online high schools may increase an individual's marketability and earning power, thereby significantly increasing their standard of living.

Flexibility is the biggest advantage of online high schools. Attending classes online allows students to complete assignments on their own schedule. Employment and home or family responsibilities are often unaffected by the student's work.

Benefits of Online High Schools

Additionally, online high schools offer students the ability to utilize the time normally spent traveling on studying. Attending online high schools requires no traveling. Students therefore do not waste their precious time in traveling, or their hard-earned money on travel expenses. Because of this, the expense of attending classes is lower.

Furthermore, online high schools encourage self-discipline. Because no instructor is watching, the student must complete assignments and other tasks on their own. Without self-discipline, a student will not be eligible to graduate. Working independently on their studies gives graduates a sense of pride in a job well done.

There are many different online high schools, including: Excel High School, Primavera Online High School, The Keystone School, Florida Virtual School, Forest Trail Academy and Allied High School. These schools understand students' needs, including their financial ones. Because of this, many schools offer scholarships. Moreover, it is free to apply to any of these schools.

These online high schools are accredited and offer wide range of study options for the student. Students can partner with other students to create a study group, communicate with counselors and advisers by email, participate in online seminars and use social networking to complete courses.

Activities required to earn a diploma from online high schools can be completed in virtually any situation as long as the student has internet access. Vacations, medical situations, work schedules and daily routines will not impede earning a high school diploma.

Application to these online high schools is free and questions are always welcome. Taking the first step is often the most difficult. But, the availability of online high schools is a golden opportunity for anyone in almost any situation. These online high schools offer instructors, counselors and tutors who can offer a path to a brighter and more rewarding future.

Online high schools offer the student an opportunity to pursue a diploma in private and at a pace and on a schedule that fits their lifestyle. Take the step and begin the process toward a better life by visiting: Online high schools offer a broad range of opportunities to break out of a cycle of dead-end jobs. These schools can be a springboard to greater earning power and further educational opportunities.

Online High School List

Listed below are summaries of online high schools. The information is from the school's website.

Excel High School

Excel High School is a private, accredited, online high school serving grades 9-12 and adult high school students. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. EHS is a unique school that offers students’ the opportunity to enroll anytime and take advantage of a flexible learning schedule. All courses are completed entirely online through our user friendly online learning management system.

Primivera Online High School

Established in 2001, Primavera is a tuition-free, public high school serving students residing in the state of Arizona. Primavera provides academic structure through courses that start every two weeks. All Primavera Online High School courses are aligned to meet state and national standards, and utilize a multimedia-based format that makes learning more enjoyable.

The Keystone School

The Keystone School is an online high school and middle school that prepares students for success – in college and careers.Over 120 engaging online courses all supported by certified teachers.

Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy is committed to providing quality education to students any time, any place, online at their own pace. You are free to travel, work at your own pace; complete classes as quickly or as long as your time permits.

Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an established leader in developing and providing virtual K-12 education solutions to students all over Florida, the U.S. and the world. FLVS serves students in grades K-12 and provides a variety of custom solutions for schools and districts to meet student needs.

Allied High School

At Allied National High School, we provide you with options for your home school instruction. If you need additional instruction on a specific subject, want to take a class that is not available to you, or participate in a full high school curriculum, we have everything that you need.