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This is the Privacy Policy for Online Schooling for High School.

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Confidentiality is of the highest concern for everyone in the education care industry, and at, we believe in giving you that same confidence during your search for education . We hold ourselves to the same standards of privacy you've come to expect from your own education providers, and we will never release your personal information to any third party, except parties directly responsible for processing your applications for education. In order to better meet the specific demands of our customers, we retain the right to consolidate, use, and share the accumulated non-personal information of our customers. Such information will only ever represent you anonymously, and any information regarding your personal identity will be held in discretion by unless you have consented otherwise. If any process on requests personal information, such as your name or email address, you always retain the option to decline and cancel the process.

While our website is the most convenient and effective method of delivering quality service and information to our customers, the Internet also represents unique challenges to security. wants you to know what information we gather through our website, why we gather it, and how we keep it safe.

IP Address

The IP addresses of our users are recorded solely for administrative purposes, in order to protect ourselves from logging fraudulent visits to our advertisers. The collection of IP addresses only reveals which areas of our website are visited by any particular user, and how often. IP addresses will never be connected with any personal information given to


Cookies are small data files caused by your interactions with our website, in order to distinguish your specific traffic. Much like your IP Address, the cookies generated by your web browser while visiting our website are used solely to track users' movement through our pages. The only pieces of information cookies reveal are a given user's browsing habits on our website, and such information will never be connected to any personal information given to


A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system is in place to encrypt all information exchanged between our website and your web browser. This ensures a safe connection between you and our system, and any personal information collected from you during this connection is afterwards secured in our private system.

Policy Changes reserves the right to amend our privacy policy at any time. Should changes be made to policies regarding the personal information of our users, a notice announcing such changes will be posted on our home page or in our privacy policy.

Third-Party Links

Although provides you with the highest standards of confidentiality, we cannot guarantee the policies of any sites you may find through links on our website. We advise you to read their privacy statements separately from ours, as there may be significant differences from one policy to the next. When you follow any link provided on our website, you will leave our website, thereby exiting the jurisdiction of our privacy policy.